My Personal Experience with Somaderm Gel 

The first night of applying the gel, I woke the next the morning from the deepest, most delicious sleep I can remember. Within a week, my mood had lifted, which is hugely significant. I had been going through a deep funk but attributed it to menopause. I assumed it’s how things would be for the next several years. A government study hypothesizes the rapid improvement of symptoms of atypical depression represents a direct central effect of hGH therapy. (1) Could this be why my mood significantly changed? 

In addition to the deep funk, I was dealing with an ear infection that had been going on for over a year. I tried everything I knew to heal, e.g., antibiotic drops, a steroid shot, candida, and parasite cleanse to no avail. Within two weeks of using the gel, my body started to go through an intense detox. As my ears were clearing up, I slipped back into a funk; my eyes were puffy, and I felt like I had a mild case of the flu, e.g., achy joints, and I felt fatigued.  At the end of four weeks of use, my ears were no longer infected, and I began to experience the results I had at the beginning like great mood, deep  sleep, improved stamina, and focus.  hGH is approved for HIV/AIDS. Why? hGH stimulates the production of killer T-cells, which are responsible for forcing out pathogens and cancer cells as this government study shows (2) Is this the reason the ear infection I had for over a year suddenly cleared up?

hGH is approved for short bowel syndrome, a group of problems related to poor absorption of nutrients, and since I was diagnosed with gut dysbiosis and a self-diagnosis of leaky gut syndrome, also a group of issues associated with poor absorption of nutrients, this gel could not have come into my life at a better time. I have been working to heal my digestive illness, and when optimized with dietetic treatments, hGH can enhance bowel absorption and function. (3) Without going into detail, there has already been a significant improvement.

Before starting the gel, I had been using bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, along with a supplement to manage hypothyroidism. hGH balances the endocrine system, which I assume is responsible for the ability to discontinue use of the products mentioned above.

After giving birth to two children, I had a difficult time engaging in activities like running or bouncing; I would have to cross my legs when I sneezed. All because I would leak. Since starting the gel, I no longer have leakage problems. hGH has been shown to stimulate tissue growth. I wonder if the gel is responsible for giving me back the ability to feel secure in these small areas of my life. (4

As of today, February 18, 2019, I am just completing my second month of use.

SOMADERM™ Gel is a transdermal human growth hormone product available without a prescription and sold by New U Life, a direct sales company.

Using the gel is a long play; meaning, it’s not a supplement you take until the bottle is empty and stop. The benefits intensify with the continuation of its use and why ordering it on auto-ship is the most convenient and cost-effective way to procure it. The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee. To read the long-term benefits, click here.

To purchase the gel, you’re required to go through a distributor which I became after experiencing such great results. I plan to be on the gel for the long play and wanted the discounted price for distributors. Disclaimer: As a distributor, I receive a small percentage of sales. If you would like to give SOMADERM™ Gel a try,click here.