While I experienced great results from healing cancer, I still felt things were not where they should be. There was an issue with my ears that had been going on for over a year where my ears would continuously drain. I tried everything, including antibiotic ear drops; one doctor gave me a steroid shot; I did a two-month long candida and parasite cleanse all to no avail. The constant draining concerned me. I didn’t know what was causing it or what I could do to eradicate it. The fecal test I mentioned in my previous post was for this reason.

About the time I received my gut dysbiosis test results, Saul’s (my love) sister sent him a transdermal human growth hormone (hGH) gel called Somaderm Gel. She had stumbled upon Somaderm while researching natural ways to alleviate her joint pain. After using the gel for a few weeks, her joint pain was relieved, and she noticed a significant improvement in her sleep. She sent a bottle to Saul who has health issues of his own, like type II diabetes, neuropathy in his feet, and knee pain. 

After starting the gel, Saul began commenting on how much better he was sleeping. A couple of days later he said his knees didn’t bother him as much and the neuropathy in his feet had lessened. He encouraged me to try it, but I was reluctant because of my breast cancer ordeal. I didn’t want to introduce anything that could potentially trigger a metastasis response. I changed my mind after reading the testimonials of other women.

Two testimonials imparticular stood out for me. I read where women had experienced a reversal in their PCOS symptoms – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. My 19-year old daughter has PCOS. She didn’t have a menstrual cycle. It’s caused her to gain weight along with other health issues. Reading these two testimonials was the deciding factor for me.

The first night of applying the gel, I experienced the deepest sleep I can remember. Within a few days, I started to feel moments of euphoria, which was hugely significant. I had been going through what felt like a deep depression but assumed it was due to menopause. Over the next couple of days, I experienced a noticeable increase in energy. Within a month, I no longer had hot flashes. My ears cleared up! It appears the infection I had was healing.

After being on the gel for a few weeks, I sent a bottle to my daughter. Within two weeks of applying the gel, she started her menstrual cycle – 28-days later, she began her cycle again. My daughter hasn’t had a normal period in years. Within one and a half months of using the gel, it appears she has a regular menstrual cycle.

Since I worked so hard to heal my body after cancer, I wanted to understand why this product had such a powerful impact on not only me but my loved ones. Through research, I learned the pituitary gland is responsible for producing hGH along with other hormones the body needs to function correctly. However, it significantly slows hGH production between the ages of 18 and 25 years old at which time the aging process begins. When hGH is introduced, it signals the pituitary gland to increase its production of hGH. It moves from the bloodstream to the liver, where it converts to somatomedin-C (also known as growth factors), which are messenger molecules that carry hGH’s message of growth into other parts of the body. (10

The thymus gland is responsible for producing killer T-cells. Killer T-cells are responsible for eliminating pathogens and cancer cells. By the age of 40, the thymus gland stops working; it goes into atrophy; turns into fat cells. (11)  My understanding is when hGH is introduced; the pituitary gland signals the thymus gland to start working again.

Following is a link that introduces Dr. Greg Fahy who is conducting a clinical trial using hGH. He talks about how he first experimented on himself and how through his experiment his thymus gland was rejuvenated.

Can We Restore Thymus Function to Cheat Death

The following link explains hGH from a hormone system perspective:

Understanding Your Hormone System

If the thymus gland stops working around the age of 40 and it’s responsible for forcing out pathogens and destroying cancer cells, then it connects a significant dot for me.  At age 40, I received my first skin-cancer diagnosis, followed by another diagnosis of skin cancer, followed by hypothyroidism, followed by another skin-cancer diagnosis, followed by breast cancer. Is it possible that when my thymus gland went into atrophy and stopped producing killer T-cells, without the extra support, did my immune system get overburdened by my gut issue and allow cancer to advance? (12)

Since starting the gel, my ears have cleared up! Since hGH signals, an increase in glutathione, which is the master antioxidant, could use of the gel be responsible for assisting in clearing up my ear infection? What about the sudden change in my mood? Is my pituitary gland producing the hGH needed to balance my hormones? 

Since hGH is essential for bone growth (13), I’m hoping the “candidate for osteoporosis” mentioned by my doctor will reverse itself. My skin looks so much healthier! My neck feels firmer; the skin isn’t as droopy, and the back of my hands look younger. My vision has improved to a point where I don’t have to wear my readers as much, and there’s been a significant improvement in my libido. 

Another improvement I noticed is when I run, bounce or sneeze; I’m no longer leaking. After the birth of my second child 19 years ago, it was challenging to run. I recently purchased a rebounder, a rebounder is a mini trampoline used to stimulate lymphatic flow, but had to keep stepping off to use the restroom. It wasn’t getting much use. hGH has been shown to heal tissue. (14) I can’t help but wonder if using Somaderm Gel, which has a small amount of hGH, is responsible for this unexpected and welcome change. If you would like to learn more about Somaderm Gel, click here.

It’s been an intense journey of healing. A long and difficult journey but one in which I’m deeply grateful. Now that I finally know the cause of my breast cancer, gut dysbiosis, I have the power of knowledge, which affords me the opportunity to fully heal, and hopefully, prevent a metastasis.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a medical or nutritional professional. I am simply recounting and sharing my own experiences. Nothing I express here should be taken as medical advice and you should consult with your doctor before starting any diet or exercise program. Click here to read my full disclaimer.  


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